REVIEW – This venture appealed to me as…

REVIEW – This venture appealed to me as soon as I finished watching the elevator pitch. The venture pitch only increased my appetite for learning more. Your presentation explains the problem and solution in clear and relatable terms. You use qualitative and quantitative arguments, as well as a mini case study to explain the merits of your solution. This helped me clearly visualize how your solution could be used and the potential benefits. The problem is well identified in terms of the numbers of learners who require emotional support. The wearable solution is a great way to address this need. I only had two reservations to jumping right in to say “I invest”. (1) Although this is still an emerging market, you do have some competition in this area – Spire for instance. This is a tech heavy area and you will need a large investment to develop the technology. I would like to see greater elaboration on a plan for tech development and how you plan on differentiating yourself from the competition. (2) Health apps – mental, emotional or physical are a reputation game. Endorsements and partnerships with trusted names help you establish your name. I would like to see greater elaboration on a plan for these partnerships and endorsements. After you have satisfied these two reservations I am in. Great job!!!

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