REVIEW: Tina I have to say I am so glad…

REVIEW: Tina I have to say I am so glad someone is thinking about developing the fine motor skills of children. Developing fine motor skills is more than just about getting kids to print their name, it’s also about ensuring they have steady hands so that our future surgeons, mechanics, dentists etc. can do their job well. This is something that I would definitely invest in on that reason alone and is also a point that I would recommend to be included in your venture pitch. One thing I really liked about your product is that the paper templates featured lined paper, blank paper, and sheet music to be used in various educational contexts. In addition to Nano Interactive Paper Products offering a solution to a legitimate problem I like how you incorporated environmental friendliness as a part of your product development as company social responsibility is a great selling point to investors. You have a great product here.

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