REVIEW: Very authentic elevator pitch! I…

REVIEW: Very authentic elevator pitch! I thought the format was fantastic. I also appreciate that you identified the investor and what they have to bring to the table if they choose to invest. In your venture pitch, I thought the explanation of the app as a sort of digital plaque was an effective way to understand the space AR could fill. This was especially impactful when you discussed how resources could be differentiated to suit the needs of the clientele. Some questions I had: Who would be responsible for populating the app with information? If the onus is on the destination companies, would this deter small companies from utilising the app? If there any form of customer training or help line available? The beta survey results regarding the focus group’s attitudes towards the app’s advertising was crucial for correlating the app idea with the revenue stream. As an avid traveller, I know I am much more likely to purchase a souvenir if I have a connection to the place or story that the item prompts. The connection between engaging visitors in the information about the attraction and purchasing of merchandise has been made clear. It’s a strong selling point that the facilities themselves have an invested interest to encourage visitors to download the app. As an EVA, I would consider investing in this idea. I think I would have been more swayed if you had discussed the future and potential of AR. In Hong Kong, I know this is a booming industry as interacting with AR advertising becoming a daily occurrence for those in the city. Nice job.

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