REVIEW: Very well done! In both your ele…

REVIEW: Very well done! In both your elevator pitch and in your venture pitch presentation you use powerful visuals to identify not only the current problem of Syrian children lacking education, but also the future manifestations of that problem, including living in poverty. You also make an excellent point that the cost of educating the children is less than the cost of reconstruction. This is the most powerful, key component to your pitch and you need to continue focusing on this single selling feature. Your CEO credibility is well established and it sounds like you have a very knowledgeable, powerful team with personal interest in the Syrian refugee crisis. By bringing your personal connection into it potential investors also know that you have the heart to do whatever it takes to make this venture a success. From the beginning you clearly identify that this is “not for profit”. Many investors will be looking for a venture that makes them money. By identifying this right away and reinforcing it throughout, I strongly feel that you do a good job of weeding out the wrong people and focus on captivating the “right” people, people who are benefactors. Your venture concept, market, “the Ask” and “Road Map” are all very well laid out. You have obviously done a lot of work looking into making this venture a reality.
QUESTIONS and THOUGHTS: In your “Venture concept” you mention “looking for credibility of these exams at host countries.” Whose curriculum will you be using? What language(s) will be used? I am assuming lessons will be in Syrian, which means that the content needs to be developed by Syrian speaking teachers. Is it possible to partner these Syrian teachers with others from different countries to collaborate on lesson development? Also, you state “We need to provide specific tablets”. In your “Ask” you have $120,000 allocated for 1000 devices. This breaks down to $120 / device, not including the cost of any shipping, taxes, etc. You also have $15,000 for hardware maintenance / training. Is this enough capital to cover these costs? I am just concerned that this number might be a bit under budget. I do like your “Road Map” as it clearly outlines further expansion goals.
RECOMMENDATION: In your pitch you identify Pearson’s “Save the Children” initiative and how it might be looking into mobile learning. Pearson is a massive company with a lot of funding to back it. I love your idea and recommend that you pitch it to Pearson, ask them to become a partner in this most excellent endeavor. With your backgrounds, expertise, passion, and idea combined with Pearson’s already available educational resources and financing, this could really be a smashing success. GOOD LUCK!!!!

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