Review: Well done in front of the camera…

Review: Well done in front of the camera! Very difficult to do but you pulled it off. You were clear on your product, why it is needed and what it will do. I’d highlight your differentiator a bit more – why is the guidance office connection important? Since this is a fictional company I’m thinking you might need an MVP before you could ask for money. I’m not sure if you’d get the cash to code or not.
I really liked your site. It had a clean look that made it easy to navigate. I like the elephant and the ASK IT visual. This really helped me understand your product. I would have included this in your video with a cut away to the product. I like the direct connection to the guidance counsellor and this makes it explicit. Your pricing model is a good one too. Rather than individual purchases you have one price. This could easily be expanded to a district price. Investors may ask what your recurring revenue might be since you seem to have one time pricing. You have stiff competition with Remind (just changed their name I think) that claims 1 in 5 teachers in the US uses the app (and it is free for educators) so your differentiators, which you explained clearly are important if you are to grab the other 4 out of 5 teachers not using their app.
One error I noticed was the button on this page – – it reads “CLICK ON THE ELEPHANT BELOW TO SEE HOW MARKETING!”