Review: What a fun idea! As a bad studen…

Review: What a fun idea! As a bad student who has been through all the tumultuous last-minute citation/reference frenzies that erupted during my high school and undergard days, I can see this being an exceptionally useful and successful tool. I have used many tools for citations during university and I have never found one to date that works. Not only does Reference Quest deal with the paint points I experience, it looks like a lot of fun to use and teach with. As a teacher now, teaching my students how to cite is a struggle as it is necessary but rather dull. There isn’t any way to sugar-coat it for students and I appreciate your approach, which redefines the learning side of citations altogether. Your Ask page is a bit short as I’d like to know a bit more about your long-term plans as a venture before I invest as an EVA but that wouldn’t stop me from investing. I think you’ve nailed a niche market, done all your homework and have the credibility and skills as the CEO to guarantee Reference Quest’s success. Best of luck on the idea, should you continue to pursue it!

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