Review: Wow, Esther! I forgot I was list…

Review: Wow, Esther! I forgot I was listening to an ETEC assignment pitch and thought the TV was on. Your voice, pacing, visuals and rhetoric is incredibly persuasive. I have little knowledge about corporate learning but you broke the idea down so easily and I was able to understand your concept, the market plan and projections without any difficulty. If I was entering a company from the bottom, I like that your venture seeks to include and educate me – an overall feeling that few companies try to achieve. I see the value as a corporate EVA and I would certainly be interested in investing. Your research, content, graphics, web design and video design skills are top notch and I applaud how seemlessly you pieced it all together. As a pitch, everything felt like it should and I would be interested to invest. My big question though as an EVA is where does my money go? What is the future of the venture and what is the ROI? If these questions were answered, I would certainly be interested to invest. Additionally, there were a few terms I was confused with like “onboarding” but I’m not sure if that is my own fault or if it wasn’t made completely clear. In any case, thanks for the great pitch – I enjoyed it thoroughly!

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