Review: Yes, I would invest in this vent…

Review: Yes, I would invest in this venture. It looks like you have a solid team, have done the necessary market research and defined the three areas where your product fits – instructional support, instructional content, and enterprise management. You have also developed a practical tool that supports teachers. The one aspect that I am skeptical about is the removal of the human element in your pitch. The creation process involves people collaborating and sharing ideas. While lesson plans that are created by teachers are one-dimensional in the sense that they are created on a flat surface (paper or digital), they can still be shared and created through collaborative effort. It is also the execution of the lesson that makes it dynamic. Your product has the potential to create novel lessons because many resources can be pulled together quickly, which is a selling feature for teachers who are looking for different ways to teach a subject. I do like that your program allows lessons to be shared between teachers and students. This has the potential to support distance learning as well as personalized learning. Good idea!

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