REVIEW: Your elevator pitch hooked me to…

REVIEW: Your elevator pitch hooked me to want to know more about E-Kuest. It was playful and fun but didn’t have some info that I would have liked to see but I was already too curious about your venture.
I think this is an interesting concept and the uniqueness has potential. The ability to customize your avatar and have rewards is a great way to keep the learner engaged. I haven’t played many games, but have teenagers that do, so I can see the value. I especially liked the idea of question banking for teachers, which is a time saver and as you know, very difficult to develop good questions. Will you have the capability to analyze the raw scores? This would enable teachers to improve the questions, making the gaming experience better.
Although I support this venture, I would like to know more about the investment opportunity, the team and how you plan to generate revenue. I was hoping to be able to see this in your venture pitch.