Review: Your pitch is full of solid info…

Review: Your pitch is full of solid info, with great hooks and pacing that ensures your credibility. Your website is well-designed and your logo is simple and cool. As a classroom teacher, I’ve struggled with restricting student use of devices during testing so I can definitely identify with the paint points you’ve brought up. BOLT comes at an important time in education and I like the environmental aspects of your venture. As an EVA, I especially appreciate your Blueprint page where you break down the numbers and growth plans. I like the idea of a 12-month action plan as that gives you considerable time to prototype BOLT. A K-12 assessment tool is tricky to design as it would have to generate value in both kindergarten and grade 12 and I wonder how BOLT can do that. What ways would BOLT differentiate between two vastly different customers? I am impressed overall with your confidence, design and concept.

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