Review: Your pitch was clear, decisive a…

Review: Your pitch was clear, decisive and easy to follow. You were able to gain the viewers attention with engaging graphics and a well executed voice over. Your confidence in the product added merit to the advertising. You address a market that shows room for development. You speak about the direct benefit to teachers. I believe many teachers would be interested in the product, although I have questions around the pedagogical grounding. If this became the primary accountability measure, are teachers missing out on much of the information gained from individual assessment. The ‘why’ of errors in comprehension. Your pitch addressed the benefits, primarily time, and the niche as compared with competitors in similar format yet lack reading comprehension as an option. Seems like an untapped market. I am wondering about the logistics of administering the test to all students at the same time. Is there reading research to back up the assessment? Who is team you would be working with? Your investment request was clearly outlined, both in what you wanted and what you would be able to provide in return. Additionally, you showed vision in what that money would work towards.

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