Rob Theriault, I am so glad someone took…

Rob Theriault, I am so glad someone took on AR. I am extremely interested in VR, AR, and the next generation of media. I enjoyed both of your pitches as they were well paced and visually pleasing. (What did you use to make the pitches?). The visuals really bring home the possibilities of AR. You will have no trouble convincing people that AR is a useful tool that schools should strive to incorporate.

I was particularly drawn to your concern with research. Your venture has that humanitarian slant that will appeal to people interested in furthering the tech for altruistic or personal motivations. You say you are interested in the research side and can collaborate, but as an investor I would like more specific details.

Your venture is basically acting as a facilitator that helps schools navigate the perhaps confusing world of AR technology (“hardware, software, media design, experts, training, and 24/7 support”). As an educator, I would be interested in some curriculum integration. You might help tech-weary teachers actually plan the lessons that will use AR.

Finally, I think there is a lot of promise here. I have considered this type of ventures for other areas, such as science. For example, Little Green Thumbs provides training, equipment, and curriculum materials for numerous “life cycle of a plant” outcomes in public schools in Canada. The experience they facilitate could not be easily accomplished by a regular teacher with every other subject to worry about. So this type of “facilitatory’ venture might have some real promise.

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