Rob, your venture puts a new spin on the…

Rob, your venture puts a new spin on the purpose of LMS, which tend to be student-centred. I would agree with Ryan S. in that it would have been better to see a comparison between Last Dash and newer LMS, which is more widely used now a days. I also am a bit curious about the return of investment. How many users are you anticipating within the 18 months? is that sufficient time? Your venture pitch easy to understand. A sample visual of how the LMS would like would’ve help in understanding its application. Also, if the LMS is focused on combining information for teachers, how would the LMS support a student’s learning experience? Is there a need for that as well. As an EVA, organization of educators apps/systems would help the educators, but my focus is in enhancing the student’s learning experience in a cost-effective way. I don’t think I would be able to do so, at this point. Further refinement of the LMS would be required.

P.S. thank you for the nicely laid out website and in-person elevator pitch. It was well done.

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