Rodney I agree with claychri that you ha…

Rodney I agree with claychri that you have the perfect voice for narration and you have done a fantastic job of narrating this elevator pitch. I am clear on your idea and very interested in reading the venture pitch by the end of the 1 minute overview. The venture pitch document is easy to read and well supported with graphics and tables and references. I have a few comments and questions for you on the product. The first is around your target market. You list youth and adults as the main target but I think seniors would also be a great group to work with as research shows that learning a language can mitigate, delay and even prevent the onset of dementia and alzheimers disease ( Your application would make language learning accessible, fun and without worry of travel or embarassment for learners who may be hard of hearing or need some assistance or repetition of words and phrases to practice their language skills. The second comment is around the focus on visual and verbal or audio learning. For other types of learners (myself included here) a textual reinforcement or self assessment quiz and perhaps even a comprehension test would really be helpful to ensure the concepts and phrases are understood. Also, when I learned to speak spanish, I found the understanding and review of grammar and verbs to be essential to my ability to adapt and respond my conversation to tense, situation and context of my interactions with others. I don’t think this would be hard to add and the addition of this element leads to my next comment on your product versus something like Second Life. I could go into Second Life and do much of what you are offering for free and travel around to different cities conversing with people who speak the language and who may be able to adapt and assist me as a person rather than as an algorithm making misunderstandings and conversations easier because they can be worked out by two people or a group of people rather than a computer which may and still does have limited ability to respond. The difference would be the option to reinforce my learning with ESL training on language structure, verb usage and textual training materials. Here is where I think what you offer is much stronger than the other competitors….you can build in the training and use all the ESL tools that exist with a VR environment creating the best of two worlds. Overall, this was a great presentation and a very good idea.

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