Rodney, it seems like everyone is saying…

Rodney, it seems like everyone is saying the same thing, but that elevator pitch was the best I’ve seen so far – I thought I was watching an actual commercial it was that professional! Also as a language teacher by trade for over the past decade in Japan alone, I think its an interesting concept, but I’m not so sure I would invest (from the perspective of my current location and teaching environment). VR is not picking up whatsoever here, and although you do compare your competition with the services you provide, I feel that your time line is a little generous and that it will take much more work to get Akwire up and running. My biggest concern is what other things might come up (newer technologies, other rivals) in the R&D time that might have a one-up on Akwire as well. But personally speaking, I would love to try this with my students here in Japan someday if it ever becomes a reality (both as a venture and as a concept that my college would allow)! Very professional and amazing work!

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