Roma, what a great visual to use for an…

Roma, what a great visual to use for an opening and thank you for introducing me to Magic Leap! I think you have a good idea for a venture but I think it may be a little ways into the future before it can be materialized. Your enthusiasm and interest that is apparent in both your elevator and venture pitch is appreciated as a potential investor. However, I am not sure how my investment would make money. I think if you focus more on pitching the benefits of the investment rather than the selling points of your idea would be a better way to go. You rely heavily on other companies and use their examples to “push” your product and I had trouble with this as a potential investor. More detailed information on Asseticity and how it all works would be helpful. As an investor, I’m not sure what my return would be. I do find your idea for creating a VR library of training resources interesting but in my view useres would find your product too pricy. Asseticity requires the support of 3rd party companies (Hololens, Magic Leap) and their products will be expensive and beyond most education budgets. As an investor I would also require details on your development plan and predicted go-to-market time frame as well as your distribution plan prior to any serious investment consideration.

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