Ryan– I find the “do it for me” era is p…

Ryan– I find the “do it for me” era is passed down from teachers to a certain extent. Think about how many times a teacher may go online to find a tool rather than just making it themselves (and even when making it themselves is probably faster!) The Learning Box takes away the pain point of how do you start your makerspace. By removing this first (and important) obstacle, the space can then begin to grow. It is also important that you include the larger global issue tie in for international mindedness within the classroom. Also, your marketing of having box gurus and LB bloggers promote the product is very similar to what sports companies are doing with Instagram members to support their brands, and it works really well. I also find that you have isolated yourself from the competition, and that you will have online community supports to help those implementing maker spaces. As in investor, I would be curious to know how much these initial boxes would sell for, and how you would upsell and add on to customers as they begin to expand their makerspaces? Would you have a further marketplace to retain your customers so that they would continue to buy products through you? Great pitch, and with the answers to the previous questions, I would definitely invest in your venture.

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