Ryan, I wanted to start by saying that I…

Ryan, I wanted to start by saying that I really like all the clever little taglines you’ve come up with to market you’re product, such as “Making Spaces That Build Passion” and “Build, Share, Learn”. It shows that you’ve really thought through how to best present your product. I think providing support to teachers and creating an online community space to post projects makes your box stand-out. However, in your elevator pitch, you state that the Learning Box will arrive monthly. In your venture pitch, there is no mention of this monthly subscription idea, so I’m a bit confused by the discrepancy. The start-up box seems great (although the number of some of the items might need adjusting), but what are in the follow-up boxes? Replacements for previous components or entirely new ones? You’ve provided a price for the start-up box, but not the monthly ones. As an investor, I would need clarification for this discrepancy before committing to The Learning Box.

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