Ryan – thanks so much for this very info…

Ryan – thanks so much for this very informative elevator and venture pitch. Your enthusiasm is evident in both. This seems like a no-brainer to me. If a teacher was setting up a Makerspace, why wouldn’t they want to subscribe to a service such as yours? I think the biggest sell is the ongoing support that you would provide! What media platform would you be thinking of using? The visual layout of your presentation is appealing and the little extra graphics are quite effective. The page with your personal information was really helpful for me – it’s always nice to know that you’re investing with a real person and not just a numbered company! You’ve definitely nailed the concept and the marketability, the only thing I think investors would want to see would be a personal pitch where they could get a stronger sense of your characteristics in order to help them decide in favour of this venture. Very exciting though…I think you’ve got a great idea.

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