Sarah and all, Thank you for the comment…

Sarah and all,

Thank you for the comments. You ask some great questions, too! ALEKS, Alta, Brightspace LeaP, Pearson MyLab and Wolters Kluwer all have adaptive products for higher ed. We have noticed that the biggest companies in the market design products to K-12 and Higher Ed. It’s quite complex but also exciting, I think. There are adaptive technologies that deliver textbooks, LMS adaptive systems, game-based technologies and more and designed for different purposes: curriculum-based, personal learning, corporate learning/skills training, teacher-designed adaptivity systems and more. We decided to focus on adaptive math game-based learning platforms for the inter-activity for comparison purposes, and our selection of games offer easy access and free demos without having to sign up for anything making it easy to try them. However, there are adaptive learning products for other subjects, including humanities, offered by companies like Pearson MyLab and gaming platforms like Duolingo and Hello World. Another reason we chose Math for the activity is because adaptive systems for math and science learning are more research-based.

Finally, you might find it interesting that based on the persona quiz results so far,
most respondents are Jeremiahs.