Shannon, I can actually see you as a CEO…

Shannon, I can actually see you as a CEO. In both your Elevator and Venture Pitch you give me an impression of a passionate CEO who also knows the system and bureaucracy. Your pain point explanation was brief and the solution you are proposing is highly needed among teachers. In terms of differentiation, I have the same question as Scott, since there are other methods to access from dummy email accounts to generic disposable email address services. I do not know the system in Canada, is parental consent required for these dummy emails as well?
You planned your marketing strategy very well, I especially liked that you thought about price differences for bulk registrations. I have already said that you give the impression of a CEO who knows the system but for someone like me who does not have pre-knowledge about Canadian Education System, it got overwhelming at times. I was also confused that in the middle of your venture pitch, all of a sudden, you have switched from your future plans to Richard Culata, and thought that he was one of your team members. I think the images and the design of that particular section fooled me, since he was the only person with an image besides you, and his title was shown for a brief second.
I believe that both your elevator and venture pitches tick many boxes for a good pitch, thank you for your efforts.

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