Short answer: yes. Longevity, no. Game b…

Short answer: yes. Longevity, no. Game based learning is quite fragile. There are numerous studies coming out, being performed or tested. The industry is still so young, vibrant and interested. There is however instability in the misinformation being shared, tested and adopted by educators. Corporations, industries and startups are also saturating a sector that is already so eager to implement anything they can get their hands on. Game based learning is also still taboo. Sure, we LIKE the idea of learning through play, but trying to sell this to administrators, educators and parents is still like walking on eggshells. I’ve been heavily invested in this for a number of years now and find myself critiquing because of the junk that is being pumped into this market. Games, such as Minecraft are now being branded as “EDU” why? The game is already inherently educational. Thing is, we need to make a profit and we want to mine data. That is how you and the industry will sell game based learning.

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