Sign me up. As a venture analyst, I woul…

Sign me up. As a venture analyst, I would invest in for the Turing Tumble.

Paul Boswell says that kids have become overly dependent on the screens and other digital devices that are so ubiquitous.
The Turing Tumble gets students off their devices and thinking about the types of patterns that are used by computers. No one has combined a set of puzzles and a non-digital device that uses a story to keep children moving through the puzzles.
The venture’s leader, Paul Boswell, has excellent credentials as a professor at the University of Minnesota, and his passion comes from the natural place of being a parent that sees how much time their child is spending on a screen. His wife is a “maker-person” but does not appear in the video.

The Ask is low, $48,000 for injection molds to make the plastic parts. I think he should go bigger and better.

The Final Message
This is a good pitch but I feel like it lacks a story that inspires buyers or venture capitalists to step up. Although Boswell is very educated, his passion and personality do not shine through. His partner (wife?) should be on screen with him talking about her personal story as a parent.
Paul Boswell has a great idea that helps to get kids off their devices and at this point in time that may be enough to sell the Turing Tumble. I am rooting for this product, but it could use the passion and back story that creates game-changing money to start flowing.

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