Social Media changed to some degree how…

Social Media changed to some degree how I relate to the people around me. I have many family members that live in different time zones around the world and being able to communicate with them more broadly in a group conversation enables me to stay in touch on a schedule that accommodates my own and allows for ongoing conversation that I wasn’t able to establish before different social media platforms were available. In addition, my parents live a 10 drive away and social media allows for them to also watch updates of their granddaughter growing to the extent that they don’t feel they are that far away because they see photos and videos of her so often. I haven’t used much social media in the classroom as I have been moved around to different schools over the past number of years and I think establishing a foundation of social media use in a classroom takes time to implement and also to be able to educate students, parents, and other teachers of its use and benefits. Many parents and teachers are still afraid of too much technology.

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