STEMverse is a virtual reality applicati…

STEMverse is a virtual reality application for education. I was unclear from the elevator pitch what STEMverse was as the description provided was minimal. I would not have wanted to hear the bigger venture pitch based on the elevator pitch. I am still unclear exactly what is trying to be pitched here. What will it look like? What exactly will students be doing? I know a prototype is unavailable however I found it just too abstract to wrap my mind around. The Venture pitch was visually unappealing so did not really hold my interest. The CEO and his team are not described so I am not sure what their qualifications are are what prior experiences/successes they have had in this market. The venture concept is original but based on the story told in the pitch I am not certain it is feasible . The market is described in very general universal terms however the specific target market is not identified. Are they trying to reach all students in the world?
Canada? BC? The market share and revenue generated by the product are not described. They appear to have a competitive edge however for someone who knows little about this market, I am uncertain whether it is really that competitive. I wasn’t convinced by the description and there was a lot of technical jargon that was confusing. A timeline of the project was not made clear so I do not know when I would expect to get a return on my investment. No exit strategy was given. This seems like a very risky investment based on the information in the pitch.

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