Such a clever way to incorporate gamific…

Such a clever way to incorporate gamification, Heeweon! As an EVA or if I were an educational institution rep, I would absolutely consider investing in your venture. You incorporate student engagement, collaboration, and new technology (VR) into a product that could realistically benefit learners.

As a follow-on venture, you might even want to think about developing a software package that users could develop their own escape rooms (Although in doing so you might be creating your own market competition…haha)! Just a thought!

I also enjoyed the website design; you and Kate both really have a knack for well designed, organized and professional web sites! The simplicity of the product made it really easy for me, a prospective EVA investor, to understand its value in addressing your noted pain points. You very clearly indicated what the venture investment would be used for, and have a clear plan for both product and market growth. From the student perspective, your active learning and collaborative pedagogies used in your rooms combined with fun problem-solving puzzles will undoubtedly engage and improve student achievement.

I’m excited to see VReakout disrupt the educational markets!

Very well done!