Susan, in your elevator pitch you use an…

Susan, in your elevator pitch you use animation very effectively to illustrate what your product is and does. You identify the problem and state how CPR is the solution. Your venture idea is solid and I think has definite market appeal. I appreciate your use of humour by including Dame Edna as part of your team. You make good use of graphics to illustrate competition comparisons. Although you include information about a development plan, I found your plan to be some what too general and as an investor I would have liked more details. Also, as an investor I’m less keen when I find out that I will have to wait at least three years before I see a return on my money. Your experience in the nursing field does adds credibility to CPR as a service. As someone previously mentioned, a website would be perhaps a better suited for a venture pitch vs ppt, and definitely worth consideration as a format to “showcase” your product (if you decide to move forward with your idea) in addition to providing a venture pitch to potential investors. I think your idea CPR has a lot of potential. As an investor however, I would need more details regarding your development plan before investing.

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