Tackk 1: Tackk seems to exist within a g…


1: Tackk seems to exist within a greater content creation and sharing market similar to Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. The difference according to the Eric Buckmuller lies in Tackk’s simplicity and ability to port to multiple platforms. (Ha, 2013) In 2013 the site claimed to have received 700 000 unique visitors, and secured 1.2 million dollars in funding. Tackk has smartly included in their business structure a specific portion dedicated to education. The idea being that users would be able to create media galleries that include comment sections. These galleries can include both images and videos. This would allow teachers to create forums for discussion, and allow students to create and share their ideas and creations.

2: Tackk is a unique idea however it is competing in a large pool with some very large companies. Tackk has been smart to include an explicit education section. However it would a small step for some of the larger media websites to out compete Tackk by creating their own educational opportunities.

Ha, Anthony (2013) Tackk Raises 1.2M For its Content Creation Tools. TechCrunch. Retrieved from http://techcrunch.com/2013/09/30/tack-seed-funding/

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