TALO is a program that teaches adult lea…

TALO is a program that teaches adult learners how to successfully teach online courses. The pain point for this venture is made clear with supporting data. The product addresses the problem and is based on current research; however, I would have liked to see how the results from this particular program compared to other similar programs in terms of level of competence achieved by participants. There is clearly a market for qualified online instructors identified in the pitch. The differentiation between TALO and other similar courses was a bit weak as “free of charge” seems to apply to only those who are faculty and the cost to run and develop the course must come from somewhere. The pitch did not explain how the people generating the sessions’ content and facilitating sessions would be compensated (maybe part of their regular duties?).Further, there are many other courses that are “multi-week” offerings and facilitated as well so it doesn’t appear that TALO would have a corner on the market. The plan outlined how TALO would enhance its content, provide facilitation and develop its central portal which all sounds doable. The funding requirements are small at $5000 annually, if I read this correctly, as this wasn’t clearly laid out – especially with the $25,000 grant money put in under the ask. It appears that this is not an income generating proposal so would require annual funding from some source, not identified. The return on investment is not monetary and this is made clear in the pitch. An action timeline of the product’s development is not detailed out as it states the aim is 2016? when the province moves to its e-campus portal. This does not seem a realistic time frame to get the product up and running. The team is presented and have many qualifications in the area of curriculum development and career-related programs though no one with a background in business or software development is on the team and these may be appears that need representation. Overall the idea has merit and could potentially be a good investment but I have questions regarding sustainability, development timeline, and whether they can stand out in a market that already has so many offerings.

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