Team Wearables, THANK YOU for a fascinat…

Team Wearables, THANK YOU for a fascinating, well-written, well-structured, well-paced and informative OER experience!
I found your use of WordPress a refreshing and effective platform choice, especially the way you used a third party commenting plug-in to improve the UX compared to WP’s native equivalent. I loved learning about e-tattoos and enjoyed the companies you chose to profile. The section on design principles was also very useful, and I think I will apply it to some of my own work in the future, so thanks for that as well!

Overall, you’ve created an excellent OER!

The only >small< element I think could be improved is the video on the SAMR model. The one you used isn’t horrible — there are MANY out there that ARE — but it doesn’t give a good example for REDEFINITION in my opinion. Replacing a paper written essay with a collaborative public blog, an audio podcast and a fully edited video is replacing ONE technology with several, which is NOT a practical application of Puentedura’s theoretical model. How could a teacher realistically find the time to redefine that essay assignment with all those multimedia activities? Anyone can redefine an activity if the activity is radically changed. How can technology be used to redefine a student writing an essay on paper with a pencil? How about a speech recognition system, or a tablet with software that converts survive writing into digital text? (You get the idea…)