Thank you Aziza, Ram and James! To answe…

Thank you Aziza, Ram and James! To answer your questions above:

Personalized learning is a great model that allows students to learn at their own pace based on their own general interest. They strive for achieving new personal goals and are self motivated. The teacher plays the role of a facilitator and gives students various learning opportunities that they can take advantage of. One question I do have is if this type of learning model can be applied to all types of subject areas? Can this work just as well in a math class as it would in a P.E class? Home economics class? Will it work best with a certain age group?

In terms of how personalized learning can change the roles of classroom stakeholders: as mentioned, the teacher plays more of a facilitator role is is no longer the bearer of all information. This model allows for students to invest in their own learning based on their curiosities. The teacher is there to support them and assist them. Problem solving, retrieving information and being resourceful are important skills in life and a personalized learning model can sharpen these vital skills no matter the subject area. (in my own opinion of course).

If I were to use a piece of technology for learning and teaching purposes, it must be reliable and effective. What makes a reliable and effective learning tool? Does it rely on an internet connection? What if the internet is temporarily out of service? Do students have access to hardware and software? At the end of the day I am all for embracing new technology as long as it is effective and reliable. The technology should enhance learning, in other word have a unique ability that non technology related resources lack.