Thank you, Aziza, Ram & James fir cr…

Thank you, Aziza, Ram & James fir creating this presentation. While I thoroughly enjoyed the activities, there were a few things that were key takeaways for me. One of the things that stood out was how you have differentiated between personalized, differentiated and individualized learning. It makes me wonder if Personalization actually includes components of both Individualization and Differentiation.

Activity – Part 3: What would I look for in a piece of learning technology?
While this is a generic answer, I think it can be applied to learning technologies as well. For me simplicity is most important when looking for a technology that I could use (I am an instructional designer). It also matters to me how well integrated the various functionalities are–does it offer seamless transitions? Can it be used across a variety of platforms and devices, i.e. is it responsive? Is it cloud-based versus server-based versus web-based? How can it be customized to individual learner needs? Is it available for free or paid? What do the upgrades look like? What is the look and feel of the technology? What are the competing products and pros and cons of each. Where is the content hosted? (This is more of a company policy that requires the servers to be in Canada) What are the privacy and security concerns if any? What about the after-sales support? How do I involve instructors and other stakeholders into accepting and using this new piece of technology?