Thank you for checking out my venture. I…

Thank you for checking out my venture. I would like to respond to each of your points. Firstly, you are correct that there is a high competition for resources that use multimedia but the majority of teachers do not have time to learn all of these plus they do not exist in every school. PowerPoint is established, available in the vast majority of schools, and well known by teachers. Secondly, what is available out there for history for free via googling is of very poor quality. I know this because I spent years looking because I didn’t want to reinvent the wheel. The type of material that is available will put students to sleep every time – a problem of epidemic proportions in our classroom. This doesn’t happen in my classroom and based on the reviews I am getting this isn’t happening in the classrooms of teachers who are purchasing my presentations. Thirdly it is true that every teacher’s style is different but they still must align to common core, and/or common outcomes. These presentations are a foundation of information upon which teachers can build upon in any direction they wish adding their personal style. The presentations themselves are also easily adaptable.

You are right in that I do enjoy making them but they take a tremendous amount of time. When they sell I get a feeling that an artist must get when they sell a painting in a studio. Its very cool and its a big part of what makes me want to create more.

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