Thank you for your comments and suggesti…

Thank you for your comments and suggestions. Lane, I agree that GoAnimate is not the most appropriate platform given the audience I am targeting. I’m familiar with it though as a video maker and was hesitant to branch out given the scope of the project. Caleb, I envision caregivers managing the device for younger children and sharing the data with them. I’m also toying with the thought that multiple children can use one biosensor wristband. As I state in the pitch, I’m not concerned about making money on the devices… rather I want to capitalize on subscription fees. The option to share wristbands among students (particularly those at lower risk) would be more appealing to schools (reduce adoption costs); however, I’m not sure how we could prevent customers from also sharing accounts. Do you think this would be an issue? It would violate privacy regulations and take away from the true capabilities of the app, so perhaps that in itself is enough of a deterrence??? tariqrbutt, looking back, I wish that I would have included a few hypothetical partners to give my concept more traction. I made up the ENGAGE social-emotional learning curriculum for the purpose of my pitch but if I pursue this, I would perhaps consider partnering with MindUp or Zones of Regulation.

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