Thank you for your post, laila!  I…

Thank you for your post, laila!  I read up on Connected Camps and I think it is a really interesting venture.  I think the founders you chose to present are equally interesting.

First of all, Mimi Ito is a MacArthur Foundation Chair.  I have a lot of respect for the MacArthur Foundation and I think that anyone who passes the criteria of that institution deserves a lot of attention.  She is the Chair in Digital Media and Learning at UC Irvine; an important position at one of the top schools in the US.  Very impressive. 

Katie Salen has secured grants from various prestigious agencies, like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the MacArthur Foundation, the Carnigie Corporation and Intel.  Anyone who has managed to convince such prestigious institutions to hand over money is someone worth watching.  She has also written a rather well-reviewed book on game design. 

Your final founder, Tara Tiger Brown, is an interesting person as well.  She seems to be a very highly motivated individual.  She does not have an advanced degree or work as instructor at a major university, but she has excelled in other, very significant ways.  She was the founder of LA Map, a free, online map of all of the startups in LA.  This has become the template for other startup maps around the world.  Also, when she wanted to provide STEM opportunities for her child in school, she founded LA Markerspace (LAM).  This has become the primary STEM service provider in the LA school districts.  You cannot argue with her results!

Overall, I found the entrepreneurs you highlighted to be very good role models for future entrepreneurs.  Thank you!

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