Thank you, Jon, for your kind and though…

Thank you, Jon, for your kind and thoughtful review. To be honest, I was assuming that myself and “my talented coder/designer, Travis Andrews” would be able to piece together the more advanced app and corresponding website. I used this app tool to figure out how much I would need for the specific features that I highlighted: . In regards to disruption in the market, Arutan may not be enough, and I may not have explained the details of all that Arutan can do in comparison to the competition – it really is more than “all of these features in one”, but I needed to be concise in presentation. 🙂 Maybe an AR tool would be neat to add to it, or a game … but then I would have to ask for a greater investment as Travis Andrews and myself would need to hire another team member. 😉 Thanks again, Jon, for taking time to share your thoughts.

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