Thanks everyone for the insightful contr…

Thanks everyone for the insightful contributions.
When sharing your thoughts on personalized learning, most of you expressed that, it had the potential to increase significantly students’ engagement. However, we also realized by reading your comments that parents’ engagement would expand exponentially too!
The website activities made it clear that the nature of the roles of teachers, students and communities at large would be changing with personalized learning. As it is a student centered form of learning, students would be the initiators and teachers would act more like guide and mentors.
You also smartly pointed to the fact that the concept of personalized learning is nothing new but the technologies to deliver it are new and as such, there is a learning curve.
For our particular group of educators/ TechEd graduate students, to consider using/purchasing reading technology, you mostly want it to be evidence based, easy to use, interactive, with real time feedback available and FUN to use!