Thanks for a great week. I like the the…

Thanks for a great week. I like the the clean, simple lines of your site and as others have done, the inclusion of the week’s activities as an overview. I like the way you framed the focus for the week and gave a context to 3D printing for education. In terms of navigation I like the way you included the linear (tabs on the left), sequential (buttons on the bottom of the page) and free access through various links and buttons throughout. This inclusion of pathways, allowing each learner to experience the site based on their interest and method of exploration, was a good application of adult learning principles and required a great deal of thought to get all the links to work correctly. In addition, the case studies were an effective way of providing examples of 3D printing, allowing the user to dig deeper into the cases as desired, in preparation to responding to your questions regarding 3D printing application and challenges. The “hands-on” activity allowing us to experience the design of a 3-D resource, posting it to Flickr and then consider its application to learning was engaging as well as challenging. You achieved a nice balance with this activity.
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With this change looming on the horizon, it is important that examine how 3D printing is currently changing and shaping education, and preview what this could mean for education in the future.

Through 21st century learning initiatives and many partnerships in both Canada and the Unites Stated, many schools are exploring the benefits of 3D printing.—middle-school.html

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