Thanks for all of your encouragement and…

Thanks for all of your encouragement and feedback. Randy, the 2-week part is the conditions set by the internal incubator, which is more geared towards story ideas. I’m not suggesting NPR stops doing what they do, just that they launch a new manifestation for youth. I could just call it a website, but that misses the jist. A community radio station is more than a transmitter, it is a building and a community of participants, and so we need to conceive of a new NPR website as also involving a community of participants as well as physical spaces.
The STIN diagrams are meant for someone who knows NPR but has never seen it diagramed like this before. One one level, I hope they just illustrates that there are people and machines and buildings involved.
The goal here is not to make money off of youth, and it is not to compete with Facebook so much as to create a noncorporate, autonomous space for youth to think critically about our evolving media culture and to just be, not as consumers, but as people.
You all need to imagine you are an NPR exec and decide whether you would fund this. It is not pitched to a venture capitalist.
Thanks, though, to all who have taken the time to look at this.

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