Thanks for an interesting venture. It wa…

Thanks for an interesting venture. It was easy to see that you put a lot of research into your venture. I agree with kgill and KBurden about the elevator pitch and the information going by too quickly. I used PowToons too and I found it great to work with but extremely time consuming. I didn’t mind pausing and reading what I missed because even without bits of writing I understood the concept and why it is important.

I think you are too hard on yourself in your reflection. The concept seemed interesting to me and you presented it in an engaging way. On first glance I thought your venture pitch was quite long but your writing is engaging and well organized. There are a few grammatical and spelling errors, not many. The one I picked up on is when you talked about yourself as part of the team. Choose first person or third but don’t go back and forth. Minor, but as a teacher I can’t help but edit writing as I read it.

Very professional venture, I enjoyed reading and watching it!