Thanks for posting this. I have been so…

Thanks for posting this. I have been so busy with Assignment 3 that I haven’t even really had a chance to reflect much on how instruction will be done once school gets back in session for me (in two days!), aside from a little research into Zoom:

I know I will be working remotely as of Monday, and that’s about it. As I’ve been producing content for this course, however, I have taken note of my failings in terms of technical skill creating videos (as well as the few bright spots) and I have a wavering of confidence that, should I need to produce my own video content for students as a replacement for in-person teaching, I may just survive the experience.

That said, I am not yet “in the trenches” of this experience, so I don’t have much else to share yet, but I appreciate being able to read the thoughts of our fellow classmates on this matter.