Thanks for sharing, Galina. I like the i…

Thanks for sharing, Galina. I like the idea of students creating start-ups in school, undergrad or graduate programs. I believe securing the funds (grants) to do so would be one of the more challenging aspects of this venture as it seems there will be may students. As a teacher, I often wonder how work like this will be assessed? If a start up is not successful, did they fail? There are valuable lessons in success as well as failure. I also like the idea of investing in individual groups pitches rather than the entire project of startups in school. It would be sort of Dragon’s Den like for investors to be able to choose who they would like to support and ask for a return on their investment. I think that informally, much of this already happens in business school but if it becomes a requirement, we might push some real life skills on people and possibly a successful start up. Neat idea, if I could, I would consider investing.

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