Thanks for this great presentation, Scot…

Thanks for this great presentation, Scott. I think you’ve got the framework for a solid venture here and as an EVA, I would recommend it to investors. The hook is strong – the fact that the test scores are so low for junior high students is a real eye-opener. You have identified the market and your plan looks strong. A couple of questions I am still left with are mainly to do with the ask. How much are you needing from investors and how will that be put to use? Also, what will be the return on investment and how soon can an investor get his money back. Your projections look strong, and if they hold, it will be a sustainable business venture. I had some difficulty reading and watching and listening to your elevator pitch and would like to hear more about you and your team as well. As I said, I would definitely recommend it to investors if these couple of questions/issues were addressed. Thanks.

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