Thanks for the interesting thoughts (rep…

Thanks for the interesting thoughts (replies here appear to be broken so I’ve posted again instead). Milorad, I also potentially see littleBits as playing it conservative in terms of marketing, or perhaps this is just how it seems given that it’s an open-source venture. The nature of open-source organizations and it’s board of directors functions differently perhaps? How does one really go about marketing open-source as this isn’t theoretically marketed in the same ways? I’m curious about this. I actually wonder if littleBits is now at the point where they should be considering the integration of a “growth Guru” as “The Right Stuff” post hints at the introduction to this activity. I had contemplated if an exit strategy is maybe the next best move on the horizon here for Ayah, but the nature of open-source complicates this idea for me. Maybe expansion is the only direction that open-source has? In this case, I’d think that a Growth Guru is certainly in order. I’d be interested to hear everyone’s thoughts regarding this.

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