Thanks Maureen, Yes, it would have both…

Thanks Maureen, Yes, it would have both static content and dynamic interactions. I think it’s a good suggestion to get a foot in the door by starting it more simply with, say, 2nd language learning. Caleb, do you work in a publicly-funded school? I came up with that pitch after visiting a 1940s sort-of theme park in Nova Scotia this summer where (as I said in the pitch), I found that the classroom really wasn’t much different from any I’ve seen in about 40 schools where I’ve either supplied or taught full-time in the Toronto District School Board, the largest school board in Canada with over 200,000 students. There are starting to be mobile labs, but like the desktop computer labs, they’re usually housed in the library and rarely accessed by students. I’d say 1 in 20 classes has a Smart Board or Promethean Board. The dusty computers in the corner are literally that, heavy desktops with cathode ray tube monitors refurbished over and over since the 80s or 90s. Like most public school boards, the TDSB is cash-strapped. If there’s any disingenuousness in my pitch, it would be the fact that I purposely avoided fair-use images of classes that had desks together in groups, and opted instead for the desks in pairs to go with the picture of the century-old classroom, even though about 1/2 the classes I’ve worked in do have the more student-centred set up.

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