Thanks @tslearn, @Laurie and @merilrasmu…

Thanks @tslearn, @Laurie and @merilrasmussen! You’ve definitely given me lots to think about with regards to this venture. I designed it as what I wished was already out there, but never have I thought of putting something like this together and trying to formulate a plan to achieve it. I agree @tslearn that this is quite a large goal to have it in schools across the country by 2017, but I do believe with the number of grants available through the Canadian Federal government along with Kickstarter (if it were a success) and district membership that this would be attainable both financially and physically putting it in place. My desire to put together something like this really ties back to the “Canadian-based server” dilemma we are faced with in Canadian schools. I understand its purpose, however it seems Canada is not catching up as quickly as we would hope. I also work for a project management company who is faced with the same problems (showing that it is beyond education and it is a Canadian server based problem). You bring up some great points @Laurie with several that have been on my mind. I am so lucky to work in a district where it is only a 10 minute drive to the next French Immersion school, but at my own school I am one of two French Immersion teachers. @merilrasmussen – thanks for the in-depth feedback. I am currently going to go read that article that you mention. You gave me a lot of confidence in your review making me think more plausibly at the prospect of moving this venture to the next step. Thanks again for all of your feedback.

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