Thanks Week 11 for your OER. 3D printing…

Thanks Week 11 for your OER. 3D printing is something that I’ve been aware of but not something that I’ve really thought about using in an educational setting. I have a friend who currently owns a 3D printing business and he does tours throughout various schools teaching kids how to use the program and prints a couple designs. I like that you provided the opportunity to play around with a 3D image. It’s always nice to gain first hand experience of the topics or programs that we are learning about. I have to admit that it was a little painful for me at first, but I can see how repetition/experience would make the process go faster. Additionally I enjoyed the use of the case studies. It was great to see how schools are currently using 3D printing in their curriculum – this allowed me to really think about how I could potentially use it in my practice if I ever had the opportunity.
The only comment I have to make is about your survey at the end. Question number two has a red asterisk above the “if other, please specify” part – requiring us to put an answer there. Since I selected one of the choices listed above I was unsure of what to put here. If possible, it might help to remove the mandatory answer from that part. Question #10 asks us about our interest in purchasing 3D printers. Since the survey asked us questions about use in teaching practice and personal use – I was unsure if this question was related to an academic setting or personal setting. These suggestions do not affect the overall experience of your OER but perhaps it would help make it a bit more seamless. Thanks again and great job!

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