The first thing I immediately thought ab…

The first thing I immediately thought about when watching your (beautiful, by the way!) elevator pitch video was: PokemonGo. Seeing how widely and wildly PokemonGo has swept the world with interest in proximity-based app, I can see the real utility in EduBeacons, whereas I might not have had the imagination to understand a few weeks ago! I noticed that much of your pitch appeared to focus on primary learners, but I think there might be greater utility in post-secondary markets. There aren’t limits on smartphone use in post-secondary institutions, meaning more opportunity for both learner and instructor interaction with beacons, furthermore, there is likely more flexibility to ‘experiment’ and evaluate the use of this type of initiative in situ at a university.

I might hold off in investing in this venture, as I’m not sure it’s differentiated from basic beacons. If beacons exist out-of-the-box, what makes EduBeacons unique? It seems they are all code-less tools that can be bought off the shelf and simply implemented in this setting.

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