The following comment is what I wrote th…

The following comment is what I wrote the GBL Team’s “Feedback” Padlet:

Thank you for being the first group to go and present your venture topic. I thoroughly enjoyed the information you provided. There was a great variety in text information, videos, interactive games and the ability to provide feedback. The venture was organized and structured well within this weebly website and I appreciate the effort it took to create this in such a short time. There was also a great variety in market topics, actual games, proof, support and resources which worked well as a whole. While I provided many opposing views and/or disagreed with some of the content, I enjoyed the ability to present my opinion in relation to the provided content.

Personally, I would provide a little more clarification on certain subjects. For example, under the “market opportunity” where we had to choose between 1 of the 4 options for purchasing GBL, it left a lot up to imagination or required a background in a relative study. As a current teacher who purchases a lot of software for the classroom, I found myself reading and re-reading a few aspects of the data that was presented. For the games section, I was wondering how many of those games are currently used and how effective they actually are. I provided feedback and my classmates did as well on their first play of the games, but I would like to see anecdotal reports of real students playing the games as well.

Overall, amazing project and I enjoyed my time combing through your website. I hope my group and others can maintain the standard and the high bar you two have set for us.

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