The pitch for MudWatt is longer than you…

The pitch for MudWatt is longer than your standard elevator pitch, but I found the information they provide necessary to build their case and intrigue me to invest in mud!

The Pain Point: 1) Global warming and energy security. 2) Limitations of mundane “textbook” scientific experimentation in schools, impeding the development of creative problem solving.

Solution: Educating the next generation through innovative problem solving with the hands on MudWatt learning kit, producing “green” energy through resources we have in our backyard – mud (and the choice of other green fuel, like ketchup!).

Differentiation and Competition: There are solar energy kits out there for kids, but I didn’t find any other kits that produce “clean energy” from mud, so if you’re looking to get muddy, this is it!

Marketing: They showed the product in action at a local school; thereby demonstrating the larger potential market, but they also show how this can be used as a project at home as well. It is presented as realistic and feasible with growth potential. While the kit can stand alone offering a formative learning experience for children of all socio-economic backgrounds, the kit can be paired with an app to provide additional in-depth learning, including a comic book format. While wearing my MEVA hat (M=mom), I couldn’t help thinking that it would make for a great birthday present for nieces/nephews and my kids’ friends that are “science geeks”. And as an educator I keep thinking that we need to find ways to make the learning provided in the app accessible to all.

CEO & Team and Championship: The entrepreneurs share their background and present themselves as having the right credentialss. Tofether as a team, they are knowledgeable in science, product design and engineering, and teaching. The positive dynamic between them instills a sense of trust in the viability of their partnership, collaboration and potential success of the venture.

Exit Strategy: They have a vision as to where they are headed – creating a curriculum and
upgrading the actual product so that even the packaging would be environmentally friendly and
contribute educationally to the objective of creating green energy.

Venture Concept and Investor Affinity: They tell a personal story with humor. Their passion and excitement are contagious. They make me want to become part of the story by culminating with the message that this project can contribute to making a better future.